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Who Are We?

Pooch Treats began in Melbourne in the late 2000's when our founders noticed a large waste in Australia's meat industry. Human-grade animal products were being discarded due to being regarded as "off-cuts". So we decided - why not put an end to this waste and create high quality, all-natural and tasty treats for our pooches? And thus Pooch Treats was born.

Still family owned and operated, Pooch Treats is based out of Melbourne, Victoria with a passion for feeding our dogs the best of the best.

We have continued to grow our range and have become the most popular hand-made baked biscuit on the market. Our bakery treats are all personally made by us, baked in-house with our own pastry chefs and oven cooking 7 days a week.

As for our meat products, we travel all round Australia to ensure our jerky products are the highest quality we can achieve. We air-dry our treats, meaning we don't use any preservation or chemical techniques to cure our treats. Everything is 100% natural, without nasty additives.